Welcome to Chat-o-Gand Behavioral Center for Cats


They are quirky, mysterious, but so amazing! Your cat is the most beloved pet for a reason.
However, cat owners don't always know if they're giving their cat what they need.
How do you read her mysterious behaviors? How do you get her to follow her natural instincts?
What makes your little tiger happy?

VACANCY Cat hotel employee at Chat-o-Resort

We are looking for an assistant cat hotel employee for 2 days a week!

Do you have an education in animal care or are you willing to further your education, are you crazy about cats, do you have the opportunity to work as a freelancer and do you live in the region of Ghent?

If so, maybe you can join our team!

Cat-friendly approach and service

Ten years of experience as a cat behavior therapist shows. Founder Joline understands your cat like no other. She pioneered in Flanders with her cat-friendly approach. Chat-o-Gand strives for a better understanding of the needs of the domestic cat.
Joline inspires cat owners to approach their favorite pet differently to strengthen their relationship. Surrounded by a team of qualified animal caretakers, your cat is in trustworthy hands at Chat-o-Gand.
This is a team of inspiring innovators and cat professionals with an unlimited drive.

Joline De Jaegher gedragstherapeut voor katten

Virtual tour inside the cat hotel!

Discover the inside of Chat-o-Gand and have a look in all our suites.
Brace yourself for a digital 3D tour!

We Host

Chat-o-Gand was created by Joline, it's the first cat-friendly cat hotel in Belgium. One that's completely designed from the perspective of a cat. Validated by numerous veterinarians and experts. Because peace of mind is priceless.

This way you can go on holiday with no worries.

Cats are king here. Private suites: odorless and spotless. An abundance of care and quirky toys, adapted to the character of your four-legged friend.

kattenhotel gang
vachtzorg trimmer en gedragtherapie katten

We Care

Is your cat showing stress and unwanted behavior? With behavioral therapy you get advice and insight into the behavior and common misunderstandings.
Chat-o-Gand opts for a solution-oriented approach: we investigate the home environment and make a plan so you can start immediately.
Happy together again: that's our goal!

A cat's coat shows how she feels, it's the barometer of her health.
In the grooming salon we help your cat through the molt or trim tangles and knotted spots.
With 100% cat-friendly coat care and customized advice, you can take care of your cat's fur optimally.

We Inspire

Chat-o-Gand ensures that you can understand your furry friend even better.

In our cat talks we share tips and basic techniques that strengthen your relationship and make your cat happy. During our cat school days you'll get a lot of informative insights and you'll go home with a completely new look at the world of cats.

With customized & inspiring products in our shop, we support cat lovers in creating a cat-friendly home where your cat can easily follow her instincts.

We inspire met lezingen en eigen kattenmeubelen

Some pictures

Why choose Chat-o-Gand?

logo cat white chatogand
100% cat friendly

No cages here or lots of cats together that make each other stressed. Chat-o-Gand is thoughtfully designed and furnished, originating from the needs and uniqueness of your cat.

Cat separate chatogand
Fantastic service

Easy to book and easily accessible.
You want some extras? Let your four-legged friend be dropped off by our taxi or receive unforgettable photo-souvenirs from the holiday.

cat separate two chatogand
Peace of mind

Peace of mind is priceless. Your precious little tiger is in professional hands. As a partner of many veterinarians, we guarantee the highest quality and best standards.

cat expert
Unique expertise

A grooming salon, cat hotel and behavioral practice brought together. Easy for owners and better for the well-being of your beloved pet. This is how we make preventive cat care accessible.

cat on laptop chatogand
Advice and support

Of course we're also 100% owner friendly. Personal service, thinking along with you, and translating our expertise into human language.

cat scratching

Playful or quiet, meowing for cuddles or a bit more cautious, a kitten or a senior cat with special needs. Every cat is unique. We observe and adapt our approach.

cuddling cats
Happy together

Our unique and cat-friendly services have one goal: to improve the relationship with your cat. After all, we want happy cats and owners.

happy cat

Chat-o-Gand is your first contact surrounding your cat's well-being. Experienced cat professionals who will assist you with advice and assistance.

All Chat-o-Gand Services listed

Logo cat hotel Chat-o-Resort
Cat hotel

Relaxing for you AND your cat!

Logo cat behavior Chat-o-Therapie
Behavioral therapy

Make your cat happier and book a Zen-Consult

Logo Chat-o-Coiffeuse Grooming salon
Coat care

For beautiful healthy hair!

Logo catsitter at home Chat-o-Maison
Catsitter at home

Our cat servant will take care of your cat at home!

Logo lectures and courses Chat-o-Bib
Cat School

Learn about (unwanted) cat behavior!

Logo shop Chat-o-Boutique

Spoil your little tiger with a present

Our professional partners!

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Dreamcatchers kattencafe
Odisee Hogeschool
Vives Hogeschool