Help! My cats are fighting!

Submitted by Joline De Jaegher on Sat, 01/25/2020 - 16:48
fighting cats

Why is this happening?

Do you ever wonder why your cats don't like each other? Well, to explain this to you, we have to go back to their ancestors and observe the way wild cats live together today. The ancestor of our house cat originally lived solitary in the Savannah. During the domestication process, groups of cats emerged that started living together around the first farms of humans. This was because food (mice) was abundant here. They gradually learned to deal with others. However, strange cats were still considered the enemy. That's why cats communicate with scents. This way they can keep other cats at a distance (or possibly attract them for reproduction) without direct contact and therefore preventing possible conflicts. Brilliant isn't it?

Knowing this, imagine what it must be like for your own cats not to be able to choose who they live with. Unrelated cats in one group are not natural to them. But, no worries! You can help your cats to make the living situation as stressless and pleasant as possible. ;-) Because in wild groups it works under certain conditions too!

How to avoid conflicts

Prevention of problems is always better than having to cure them, so here are 4 valuable tips to apply:

  • Provide enough basic resources (such as food, drinks, litter boxes, etc.) according to the number of cats (number of cats + 1). This way, you don't “force” them to do activities together. Spread out the resources in your available space! For example: 2 cats need 3 of EVERYTHING all over your house!
  • Make sure that feeding places, drinking places and litter boxes are located in “safe” spaces.
  • Don't put (wet) food side by side. Don't “force” cats to eat together even though it may seem peaceful.
  • Provide plenty of escape options and hiding places!

Do you need help to optimally organize everything at home? We can help you bring peace to your home as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Laat katten een conflict nooit uitvechten!

3 tips for fighting cats!

Are there already conflicts at home? In that case, you must intervene as soon as possible! Don't let the problem escalate. The longer conflicts continue, the harder it will get to solve everything.
Start with these 3 tips!

  • Interrupt subtle signs of aggression. When cats stare at each other (this is not a friendly gesture!): Stop this behavior by obstructing their view, for example by placing a pillow in between.
  • Don't punish the cats or try to comfort them afterwards. It makes no sense to them and can actually make the problem worse. It doesn't matter how good your intentions are...)
  • NEVER just let cats fight to 'solve' a problem, because this could make it irreversible. Cats don't have reconciliation behavior: they can't just make it up and forget about conflicts. If cats attack each other whenever they have the chance, ALWAYS place them separately. In case of serious or persistent conflicts, it's recommended to seek professional help.

De weg naar een oplossing op maat!

Your cats can't get along? Would you like to have a peaceful home once again? Are you tired of the tension in your family? Please don't stay put with that stress for you and your cats. We are happy to help!

Joline De Jaegher

Over de auteur

Joline studeerde af als Professionele Bachelor Dierenzorg, Post Graduate Toegepast Diergedrag en vachtvriendelijk kattentrimster. In 2010 richtte ze Chat-o-Gand op met een missie: het welzijn van katten en hun baasjes verbeteren! Op de dag van vandaag runt ze samen met haar team een bloeiende zaak waar je terecht kan voor vakantieopvang, vachtzorg, gedragsadvies en nog veel meer kattige dingen ;-)!

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Cats that don't get along? Prevention is better than cure! We give 4 valuable tips to apply yourself!