No, that's not possible.

After consultation with our lawyer specialized in contract law, we explain here what "force majeure" exactly means in Belgium in function of the agreement for a reservation in the cat hotel.

When entering into an agreement, both parties (Chat-o-Gand and the client) enter into an obligation:

  • Chat-o-Gand reserves a suite for an agreed period with the associated care
  • The client's obligation in the agreement is the payment of the reservation. The cat has to meet the legal conditions regarding vaccinations.

Bringing the cat is not part of the obligation. Canceling a trip due to external circumstances that you can't control yourself (illness, cancellation of trip, pandemic,...) is not a valid reason to request "force majeure".

What's possible is that this is covered by your travel insurance, depending on their conditions. For this you need to contact your insurance, preferably discussing this in advance to be sure of the possibilities!

This means that the payment always remains necessary as agreed in the contract.

That's because the reserved stay (our part of the agreement) can continue regardless of whether your specific trip proceeds.

"Force Majeure" is the impossibility to fulfill the agreement. By this is meant the absolute impossibility. "Force majeure" for you as a customer, on this agreement, can only be invoked if you literally no longer have any options at all to pay because this is your obligation as a customer when you enter into the agreement.

Force majeure from the customer's point of view can only be declared by a judge. Reporting that you can't pay is not sufficient to claim this.


We try as much as possible to meet your wishes in terms of suites and give you the choice! During quiet periods, it's very likely that the suite as stated on your quote can be retained.

However, if it's necessary to optimize the occupancy of the hotel during busy times such as high season (usually during the holidays), we reserve the right to accommodate your cat in another equivalent suite.

We try to take the type of suite into account as much as possible. For example: a suite in the same hallway. However, it can't always be guaranteed (except for the Disney Suite because it has no window, your cat will never stay in that suite without explicit permission).

A change of suite by Chat-o-Gand does not entitle you to cancel for free. In case of cancellation, the cancellation conditions apply.

Thanks for understanding!!!

Find our possibilities for an internship here!

That's possible! But only if the cat allows it and the stress level isn't too high. We can never guarantee that the coat care can be completed.

Cats that come back frequently get used to their hotel stay faster. They will be more likely to tolerate trimming.

Basic and preventive coat care is always included in the price of an All-in package. This covers, for example, checking the fur with our fingers, removing small knots or removing a single tangle, .. Again, this can only happen when the cat is okay with it. If not, we don't do this check-up to minimize stress.

If you chose the basic package, you can book a Furr Mini for basic fur care (such as removing knots, removing a single big tangle, checking the fur, etc.).

If the full coat needs to be checked with the comb (with a very dense or long-haired coat) or if the coat has multiple tangles or is even felted, it's necessary to book a bigger coat care package, regardless of the accommodation package you have reserved.

The advantage of coat care during the hotel stay can be that we can spread it over several days. This way we can do a little bit every day, when a big trim would be too much for the cat. This way, we ensure a happier cat with less stress!

Because of our great location in a quiet residential area, we have no outdoor spaces available.

For outdoor cats this might be a temporary loss. But we're happy to entertain the cats in their own private suite. These have a great view of an outdoor area with flying birds and other interesting passages!

For indoor cats it is not advisable to leave them outside if they were not used to it at home. It could be an extra source of stress for them. So it's never a good idea to let an indoor cat stay in a temporary residence with outdoor space if she does not have access to it at home!

Discover our AMAZING suites in a virtual 3D tour or with photos and explanations per suite here!



No, we've chosen NOT to give the cats a common playing area. This to avoid the transmission of any diseases via scratching posts, litter boxes or food bowls and to avoid the strange odors of the other cats. This also means that individual use of common areas would be risky.

Just imagine staying in a hotel where you have to sleep in a bed that smells of the previous guest? Would you like that? Probably not! :-) That's why we prefer to keep EVERYTHING strictly separated!

Don't the cats have too little space to move around? No! Certainly not for temporary stays. The suites are approximately 10m³ in size. We have used this volume optimally and we provide private playing sessions where the cat can participate as a solitary hunter!

Be sure to read our interesting blogs about what is stressful for cats: "Cat stress list" and "The vision of a cat behavior therapist of a cat hotel"
It contains SUPER valuable information to ensure a pleasant stay for your cat!!!

No, there is no direct contact between the cats and the cats can't see each other. That is a HUGE reassurance because other cats are a great source of stress!

Be sure to read our blogs about what's stressful for cats: "Cat stress list" and "The vision of a cat behavior therapist for a cat hotel".
It contains SUPER valuable information to ensure a pleasant stay for your cat!!!


For behavioral consultations at home:

  • In cash
  • By bank transfer (before the start of the consultation)
  • There is NO possibility to pay with the bancontact app

For a stay in the cat hotel and cat sitting at home:

  • In cash
  • By bank transfer

Payment must be made within 14 days upon confirmation of the reservation and before the start of the stay in our hotel or the catsitting period.

For services (grooming salon/behavioral therapy) in the center:

  • In cash
  • With Payconiq/bancontact app (You'll scan our QR code).
  • Unfortunately, we do NOT have a bank contact terminal available for payment with your card.

For courses/lectures:

  • By Bank transfer

Do you have any more questions? Please mail us:

All information can be found on our Petcube page!

Take a look at our summary of possible vaccines. You can email a photo of the vaccination booklet to, we will check it for you!

Mail us to: for more information!

Yes, it is. The cat's territory consists of familiar scents that she has left herself by scratching, giving head bumps, sleeping,...
Those familiar scents provide a feeling of security. You remove this sense when the cat goes to a hotel (unless you bring a suitcase with cat stuff, therefore bringing “home” to the hotel!).
If the cat stays at home during your absence, her routine might change as well. Cats are sensitive to this and it can cause stress.
Are you certain that staying at home is the least stressful option for your cat? Then you can contact us for our catsitting service at home: Chat-o-Maison. It's a customized service, with the same professional advice and approach!

Yes, certainly! Of course your cat may be too insecure to play with strangers. You know your cat best and if your furry friend sometimes has a hard time with strange people at home, that might be the case at the Chat-o-Resort as well.

Active play sessions are probably impossible with this insecure cat. But besides playing, there are many other ways in which we try to minimize the stress level as much as possible! We put extra effort into providing the "Spirit Essences" of Jackson Galaxy (an American cat whisperer with rock 'n roll vibes!).

This is similar to Bach flowers and can support cats. These are drops that you add to water several times a day or diffuse into the environment. It doesn't have side effects and are completely safe to use.

Also, herbs and toys that cats can enjoy alone absolutely add value,  because 'individual playing' is very relaxing!
Hiding treats or using a feeding puzzle are extra things that can keep your cat busy and help to relax without the presence of a cat servant!
It sometimes happens that an insecure cat starts to play because she has been positively triggered by our extensive range of toys and enrichments!
For cats that play little or not at all at home, this is THE time to find out what can trigger your cat. After all, playing is a very important thing for cats to do! Even for the slightly older cats! :-)

Find out more about this formula recommended by cat behavior therapists!

Please consult the general cancellation policy of the cat hotel here.

You can contact us BY APPOINTMENT during opening hours to bring/pick up your cat or for a tour.

Opening hours Cat Hotel:

  •     Monday - Saturday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  •     Sunday: closed (it is not possible to pick up or bring your cat)
  •     Holidays: closed (it is not possible to collect or bring your cat)

If you visit without an appointment, you may stand in front of closed doors.

Contact us by mail: or 0489/32 66 93 for more information!

In exceptional cases, if you wish to bring or collect your cat outside opening hours, we'll check the possibilities in our schedule and will charge a surcharge.


The formulas for a stay in the cat hotel can be found on our overview page. Calculate your customized price with our price simulator!

You will find the most recent version of the general terms and conditions in the PDF document below. It's always the most recent version that applies.

Exceptionally you can pick up or bring your cat to the hotel outside of the opening hours (from Monday to Saturday). In this case, an appointment must be requested, which depends on the availability of the team. For such an exception, an additional fee of € 33 will be added. We'll reserve extra time for this in our agenda on which we cannot schedule other appointments.

The cats are of course taken care of on Sundays and holidays.
However, no exceptions are made on holidays regarding bringing or picking-up hotel guests.

Take the time of check-out into account and try to plan accordingly. After all, we can't guarantee your cat can be checked out on the same day if you can't be on time due to unforeseen circumstances. Thanks for understanding! :-)

Contact us for more information:



  • Cat disease (feline panleukopenia virus)
  • Cat flu (feline herpes virus and feline calicivirus)
  • Leucosis (feline leukemia virus)


  • Fleas
  • Deworming

During the summer holidays, it's always busier in our hotel. That's why we want to apply optimal stress reduction! The "All-in package" and "Therapy" are our best formulas for this!

We strive to make the suite as odorless and hygienic as possible for the physical but also the mental well-being of your cat. Cleaning a suite can easily take 45 minutes with tasks like:

- Washing and disinfecting everything (shelves, furniture, doors, windows, walls, etc.)

- Vacuuming and steaming the floor with odorless, safe products (Safe4).

- The blankets available in the hotel are washed every time so that every guest has the best possible stay.

- Decorating everything with fresh blankets and scratching boards!

The cleaning fee will be charged automatically regardless of the length of your stay. You will find it on the quote and invoice under the suite name.

This is an effective cost for us that's not included in the daily price. It's a fixed cost, regardless of the length of your stay. Therefore it's charged only once.

During a busy occupation in the peak periods a cat might have to move to another suite during its stay. In that case an extra cleaning fee will be charged.
Thank you for your understanding! This way we can take care of our guests OPTIMALLY!

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