Kattengedragstherapeute Joline met zwarte kat

For loving Cat Parents...

...who want to go on a holiday or business trip with peace of mind. You want an accommodation where your cat can feel at home right away and is surrounded with the best care, so your favorite pet comes back from holiday just as relaxed as you.

Are you looking for a hotel where your fluffy friend is surrounded by experts? Then the Chat-o-Resort is the right place for you!

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The strongest features of Chat-o-Resort

The most cat-friendly hotel: a safe and stress-free place for your cat.
In our practical suites and with professional support, your four-legged friend will feel completely zen!

cat head suites hotel
Beautiful suites
  • Each suite has a surface area of approximately 4m² and is 2.4m in height
  • Optimal use of space (also in height) with the most cat-friendly interior
  • No physical or visual contact with other hotel guests
  • Unique approach for a neutral scent in every suite


cat head boarding cattery
No stress
  • The physical and mental well-being of the cat is our priority
  • We apply stress-reducing methods in all aspects
  • Supervised by our professional behavioral therapists
  • A customized approach for your cat


kitty head cat hotel
Included in every stay
  •  Petcube camera: Check the webcam to see how your cat is doing
  • Goodybag: Personalized gift for every guests
  • Photo update: You'll receive a personal update of your little tiger during your holiday.
  • Feliway / Stress Away: Pheromones and essential oils to help your cat relax even more!


Our formulas

Curious about our formulas? Feel free to choose from the options below. For each of these options we guarantee the best possible experience, a stress-reducing approach and optimal care for your cat.


cat on laptop cat hotel


€ 54
Extra space and attention! Suitable for families up to 4 cats.
  • For REALLY cuddly cats
playing cat boarding cattery


€ 28
A luxurious private residence with extra cuddles, play and care (including medication)!
  • The optimal vacation formula for your cat!
Basic package boarding cattery


€ 23
A luxurious private residence in a hotel exclusively for cats
  • The basic formula with stress reduction
Vraagteken kat

The prices are based on every started day for 1 cat and each time with a one-time cleaning fee. Would you like more details about what each formula includes?

You can find more information here:

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*** Book now for the summer months! ***

The months of July and August are often completely booked!

Be quick if you want a beautiful suite during that season! Attention: in these months you can only make a reservation for the All-inclusive and the Therapy formula. This way, we can spoil your cat optimally during the summer holidays!


Meet our team

At Chat-o-Gand your cat is in safe hands, surrounded by a team of qualified animal caretakers,
Each and every one of them are inspiring innovators and professional cat servants with an inexhaustible drive.
Professionals who recognize your cat's character and respond fluently to her needs: from extra rest to extra playtime.


Joline De Jaegher gedragstherapeut voor katten


Riet gedragstherapeut voor katten


Wiske kattenverzorger


Bart product development


Spoil your cat with an amazing suite,
just like hundreds of other fantastic cat owners!



Our suites

 The Chat-o-Resort is a genuinely unique place for cats to stay. The hotel consists of 16 beautiful suites that have been decorated from the cat's point of view and its environment. Our unique interior is not only appealing but also highly functional. This way we want to ensure that your cat has the best possible stay in the hotel.

Every suite has a similar functionality. All components have been carefully designed to keep the stress level of the guests as low as possible and to give them a nice time.

Each suite has its own decorative theme and a custom name. The hotel is divided into 3 different areas, which makes the specific location suitable for a guest who wants a little more peace and quiet or maybe wants to see all kinds of things.


Suites collage kattenpension

Even more cat happiness?

icon chat-o-gand boarding cattery
Stress at the hotel

What causes stress for cats?

icon chat-o-gand cat behavioral therapy
Behavioral advice

Make your cat even happier and book a Zen-Consult

icon coat care
Trimming salon

Combine a hotel stay with coat care

Cat taxi
Cat taxi

No transport for your cat?
No problem!

Icon catsitter at home ghent
Catsitting at home

A hotel not suitable? We'll take care of your cat at home!

icon boarding cattery
Support your cat!

Support your cat during her stay

The suitecase of Kitty

In order to legally accept your cat, the vaccination booklet must be valid for the stay!

*Mandatory vaccinations 

  • Cat disease (feline panleukopenia virus)
  • Cat flu (feline herpes virus and feline calicivirus)
  • Leucosis (feline leukemia virus, not standard for indoor cats!)

Check the stickers of your vaccinations!

*Mandatory anti-parasitic drugs:

  • Treatment against fleas
  • Deworming

Next, with stuff from home, you make the suite a real home!


kat in valies



"No cages, no guilt, only genuine suites and professional Cat Servants! Leave with peace of mind"






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